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OTB Mad Lab

It seems that C++ programming can be cumbersome for some users. Well, OTB allows you to work also in other programming languages as for instance Python. The Pylab Project which gathers numeric and scientific Python packages such as NumPy, SciPy and Matplotlib is considered as having the same features as some commercial scientific environments. Some […]

Contribute easily to OTB

For most open source projects, integration of patches provided by willing users if not an easy task and it often falls behind. The burden of patches is both on the user himself and on the project member doing the integration. Generating a patch is not straightforward for the user (he needs to compare with the […]

OTB Live CD recipe

The new OTB live CD is out! On the program is the brand new OTB 2.6 (which came out last week) with the new Xubuntu 8.10 (which came out also last week coincidentally). It’s just as usual: download it from