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Still a complex system (reloaded)

As it’s interesting to use cmake to display dynamic dependencies of the library (look at this post). We can also look at the dependencies of the OTB binary package (Linu buy generic cialis online no prescription uk x Ubuntu) to show that OTB is (still) a complex system (click on it for a full view): […]

OTB Mad Lab

It seems that C++ programming can be cumbersome for some users. Well, OTB allows you to work also in other programming languages as for instance Python. The Pylab Project which gathers numeric and scientific Python packages such as NumPy, SciPy and Matplotlib is considered as having the same features as some commercial scientific environments. Some […]

Complex system

OTB is a complex system, if you don’t believe it, look at the image here (click on it for a full view):

Common compilation errors

Programming using OTB is not always easy. However, even if the learning curve is steep at the beginning, it really worths it after you surpassed the initial difficulties. This also applies when you’re writing a new OTB program. The hardest step is online payday loan usually to get it to compile and once it compiles, […]

OTB by the hour

In the last weeks, intensive work has been carried out by the OTB Development Team in order to set up this. As you can see, you can browse OTB source code (library, applications, bindings and software gui sale viagra de). Every change to the source code is automatically available through the server. Actually we have […]