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OTB 3.20 Release Candidate 1

The OTB version 3.20-rc1 is available for testing !

The new features set for this release is a little smaller than usual, since we have been working hard on porting OTB to ITK4. The 3.20 release aims at both preparing the next Monteverdi2 release and to prepare a merge with the all the work done for ITK4 integration.

Still, it comes with some exciting new features :

  • Large scale Mean Shift : A new set of applications to run Mean Shift segmentation on arbitrary large rasters called LSMS. LSMS is a segmentation workflow which allows to perform tile-wise segmentation of very large image with theoretical guarantees of getting identical results to those without tiling. You can now get very nice segmentation results without tiling artifacts on arbitrarily large rasters.
  • A method for Running the application from XML files. You can now save the state of all the parameters of an application in an XML file and run the application again with the same set of parameters, overriding just the one you want. This functionality was contribute by a new committer to OTB: Mohammed Rashad.
  • Support for DEM as GeoTIFF. This was a long overdue feature, asked many times on the mailing list by users : instead of only the SRTM tiles, OTB now supports elevation from any georeferenced GeoTIFF file.

There are more new stuff coming with this release! For more information, please read the complete Release Notes.

Source code can be downloaded here.

You can also obtain the source code using Mercurial:

hg clone http://hg.orfeo-toolbox.org/OTB
cd OTB
hg update -r 3.20-rc1

Feel free to test the release candidate and share your experiences on the mailing list. And if you run into a bug, please file it into our issues tracker.

You can also help to identify other issues by submitting an Experimental build to the dashboard with:

ctest -D Experimental

For more details please see:


Soon after the release, the work on OTB v4 with the support of ITK v4 will be merged into the main repository, with the aim of releasing OTB4 soon, with the same feature set than OTB 3.20, but based on ITK4. This will include some API breakages that may require user code updates to compile, but is a necessary evil to continue following ITK evolutions. We will commit on making this big change as painless as possible. In the meantime we wanted to warn the early adopters that the OTB repository trunk will see some big changes soon.

OTB Dev’Team

OTB and Monteverdi 2 at Image Mining 2013 Summer School !

Image Mining summer school was held at Barcelonnette in August. This thematic school, dedicated to post-graduate students and young researchers, presents state-of-the-art image mining techniques by combining both theoretical lectures and practical exercises on specific datasets. Open source algorithms, codes and software have been presented. 35 researchers coming from Informatics, Earth Sciences, Geography and Remote Sensing communities participates to this intensive course.

Field visit at La Valette landslide

Field visit at La Valette landslide

It has been an ideal opportunity to present OTB and the latest Monteverdi 2 potentialities, via a dedicated training session. After a brief introduction, participants have been invited to test OTB framework using Pléiades VHR sample available from Astrium Geo-Information Services.  Scenarii and exercises can be found here. These exercises have been selected from an extended set of tutorials the OTB Courses  written in org-mode format. Feel free to try it, extend it and do not hesitate to send us feedbacks!

We would like to thank UNISTRA and ICUBE for the organization of this summer school. We also would like to thank the seolane center, which gave us an excellent welcome and also helped us to discover some culinar specialities (like “the sauvage” and the famous “fondue Seolane”) and the beauty of Ubaye’s region.

Keep in touch!



If by any chance you attend FOSS4G in Nottingham, do not forget to see the talk about OTB meeting OpenCV! See you on friday morning at 12:00 (EMCC, room 4). And it seems that the previous talk in the session will also partly deal with OTB, so you might as well attend the whole session. I will be delighted to meet you in Nottingham!

See you there,


New version Monteverdi2 0.4 Released

We are very happy to announce the release of Monteverdi2 version 0.4!

If you only have a few seconds to read this post and want to help us making Monteverdi 2, here is a short summary:

  1. Download Monteverdi2 0.4 (Windows and Mac OS X installer available, please note that installers does not require any privilege). For Linux users, new version will be soon available for update through your favorite package manager software. As usual sources can also be downloaded here.
  2. Give it a try
  3. Fill the new Monteverdi2 0.4 survey (French version available here)
  4. (Optionally) file bugs on our our bugtracker

Regarding the novelties of Monteverdi2 0.4, there have been three major improvements:

  1. Processing through the OTB applications is available (was the top feature request)
  2. A simple database manager which allows to open multiple images in the application has been added. It was not the second top feature request, but was a necessary step toward multiple images visualization.
  3. Some more rendering options have been added : no-data handling, unconstrained mode, gray-scale mode. Their will be more to come in the future. New widgets have also been added, as well as more persistence (last roi and zoom level).

The new Monteverdi2 0.4 layout

We would like to thank the 35 users that sent their feedback through the previous poll! We tried to take it into account as much as we could. You could find in the introduction of the new Monteverdi2 survey, the improvements made to Monteverdi2 to answer some of your feedback. Please note that some comments have not been answered yet and that we will try to do it in a future version.

 We wish you all a nice summer with Monteverdi2 !

OTB Dev Team

OTB 3.18.1 Released

We are pleased to announce the release of OTB 3.18.1.

This is a minor bug-fix release in preparation for the upcoming version of Monteverdi2. We have especially rework the JPEG2000 driver to decrease the cache consumption and avoid memory leak.

The list of changes since 3.18.0:

* Library
  * Core and Third Parties
    * Update the JPEG2000ImageIO to decrease cache consumption and avoid memory leak between OTB and internal OpenJPEG library
    * Improve the control over the generation of GDAL overviews with a new method to set the resolution factor

  * CMake
    * remove OTBParseArguments from OTB source because it is not used

  * Examples
    * Update HelloWorld example CMakeLists

  * Applications
    * Updated applications
      * Update Stereo application documentation example with new parameters
      * Add a log message about color mapping method used by application
    * Core Framework
      * Intialize properly QtWidgetChoiceParameter
    * Increase minimun cmake version to 2.8.3 wwhen build applications


We recommend that all users update to 3.18.1.

Thanks again to all the contributors for the great work and to all the users for their feedbacks.

As usual, sources and binary packages (Monteverdi for Mac OS X and Windows) can be downloaded here. Binary packages (OTB applications and Monteverdi) are also integrated in OSGeo4W for Windows user.

For Linux users, new version will be also soon available for update through your favorite package manager software (it is already available on Ubuntu).

We welcome your feedback and request, and encourage you to join the community and mailing list.

Let’s move now to Monteverdi2!

OTB Team