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OTB 3.20 Release Candidate 1

The OTB version 3.20-rc1 is available for testing ! The new features set for this release is a little smaller than usual, since we have been working hard on porting OTB to ITK4. The 3.20 release aims at both preparing the next Monteverdi2 release and to prepare a merge with the all the work done […]

Roll over Monteverdi2

All you need to know If you only have a few seconds to read this post and want to help us making Monteverdi 2, here is a short summary: Download Monteverdi2 beta version here (Windows and Mac OSX installer available, please note that installers does not require any privilege). Give it a try Fill Monteverdi […]

New courses on Pleiades images analysis with the ORFEO ToolBox

Pleiades is now in flight since almost one year and its twin Pleiades 1B is going to be launched in few days from Kourou. In the frame of the availability of Pleiades images, the OTB team at CNES recently worked on a set of new tutorials to learn how OTB functionality can help in the […]

OTB: Wrapping gifts

First of all, we would like to share with all of you the pride and excitement following the success of Pleiades launch on Soyouz which took place on saturday the 17th at 03:03 AM CET. To best prepare OTB for these up-coming images, the next OTB release will happen in late january, allowing to test […]

Road extraction revamped

The road extraction application was one of the first applications distributed with OTB. Originally, it was intended for demonstration purposes only for the IEEE ICIP 2007 conference. It was suffering from serious shortcomings in terms of size of the Unterschwelligen Verf├╝hrungssystem image to process, export of the results, access to the parameters, etc. The application […]