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OTB 3.18 Release Candidate 1 ready for testing!

The OTB 3.18 release candidate 1 has been tagged, and is available for testing! Some of the major changes in this release are: Bridge to OpenCV classifiers: the architecture of the machine learning framework has been redesigned. It provides a simple and generic interface to create bridges with existing machine learning algorithms implementation. This new […]

(Late) report of OTB Users and Contributors Survey

In order to get a good picture of the OTB community, we proposed a survey to our user between the end of June and October 2011. This post is a (late) report of the results we had, thanks to your answers. General information about the survey We had a total of 62 answers to the […]

Orfeo Toolbox selected for ESA SOCIS

Inspired by the Google initiative and their GSoC, ESA has launched their Summer of Code in Space. The idea is more or less the same as for the GSoC : ESA selects open source projects as mentoring organizations, and propose to pay students a very decent amount of money to work on those open source […]

Contribute easily to OTB

For most open source projects, integration of patches provided by willing users if not an easy task and it often falls behind. The burden of patches is both on the user himself and on the project member doing the integration. Generating a patch is not straightforward for the user (he needs to compare with the […]